PRONAR 20.72 Arrives in the UK

MPB 20.72




Engine                                                           Deutz combustion engine                         Caterpillar combustion engine

                                                                      EU Stage 3B                                             EU Stage 3B C4.4

                                                                      82 kW / 1600 rpm                                     87,0 kW / 1600 rpm

                                                                      Max. 90 kW / 2300 rpm                             Max.: 92,5 kW /2200 rpm; 530Nm at1400 rpm

                                                                      Electric motor                                            Electric motor


Gross weight [kg]                                                               24000


Overall dimensions (length/width/height) [mm]                  12350/2550/4000


Maximum speed [km/h]                                                     100


Brake system                                                                     Pneumatic with EBS


ABS configuration                                                               4S/2M


Brake type                                                                          drum brake


Additional power supply to EBS module                             yes



Type of mounting attachment                                            mechanical

   Optional Extras


Number of wheels                                                              4


Tyre dimensions                                                              435/50 R19,5 (160J)


Axle manufacturer                                                            ATW/ADR


Number of axles:                                                              2


Maximum axle load [kg]                                                    9000


Front support legs                                                            2 mechanical


Rear support legs                                                             1 hydraulic


Road lighting voltage [V]                                                   24 (12)


Type of road lights:                                                           LED


Draw-bar eye diameter [mm]                                             ---


Draw-bar eye height [mm]                                                 ---


Cutting barriers                                                                  yes


Mudguards                                                                        yes


Mud flaps                                                                          yes


Warning Signs                                                                   yes


Wheel Chocks                                                                   yes


Contour Markings                                                             yes


*Rotating Warning Beacon                                                yes


Tool Box (1 piece: 5OI)                                                     yes







Trommel dimensions (length/width) [mm]                        7200/2000



Trommel rotational speed [rpm] up to                             19




Effective screen surface [m²]                                            40,6



   In-feed hopper dimensions (length/width) [mm]                                          3900/2230


 In-feed hopper capacity [m³]

   Loading height [mm]                                                                                 2730



   Dimensions of exterior side conveyor (length/width) [mm]                          4900/1000



   Dimensions of exterior rear conveyor (length/width) [mm]                           4900/1000



   Width of interior longitudinal conveyor [mm]                                              1300




   Width of interior transverse conveyor [mm]                                               800




   Control voltage [V]                                                                                   12



   Central lubrication system                                                                        yes





   Rear conveyor belt speed control                                                             yes


Mud flaps



   Later conveyor belt speed control                                                            yes


Warning signs




Magnetic roller a





Wheel chocks



   Magnetic roller b   +


Contour markings



   Air separator                                                                                          +


*Rotating warning beacon



   Stone Grid above in-feed hopper                                                              +


Tool box (1 piece: - 5OI)



   Chute near in-feed hopper                                                                        +


Water container (30I) with a soap dispenser



   Ball attachment                                                                                       –

      Rear conveyor belt advance rate adjustment                                             +


Side conveyor belt advance rate adjustment




      Hydraulically controlled front support legs                                                –

      Sifting mesh size                                                                                      to customers’ requirements

      Sieve wall thickness                                                                                to customers’ requirements

      Exterior rear conveyor with length: 3300 mm   –

      Drawbar eye diameter ø40/ ø 50                                                                +

      Drawbar eye diameter ø57 (Swedish standard)                                           –

      Side screen safeguards                                                                                       +

      Reversible radiator fan (Cleanfix)                                                               +

      In-feed hopper load sensor (in-feed hopper load/pressure sensor)       +

      Water container (30I) with a soap dispenser                                               –,




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